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With Champs that brings together the most suitable enterprises and professional brand ambassadors, you have a look at the list below for your new business opportunity. You will definitely find a suitable job opportunity in Champs's growing project pool.

Customer Services

Supporting the consumers of the brands you admire has never been more enjoyable.

At certain times of the day, understanding the requests and complaints of the consumers and solving the problems in line with the brand the policies.


Be aware your persuasion skills, don't you want to determine your revenue yourself?

Customers should be understood and should be persuaded to buy for brand's the advantageous products and services offered .

Technical Support

Do you have a technical training, how about tech users call you when they need help?

A Support job that from a computer, printer, operating system to mobile phone or digital TV platform to a third party application.

Social Media Support

Although we are all social media users, the management of this business requires a different perspective.

Champs Social Media experts are competent, experienced and creative people in social media goals. Align with the social media strategy, they improve the online performance of the brand, interact with users regularly and respond to their requests. They also run online campaigns, monitor and report data, helping to better know the community.

Gaming Support

The gaming industry has grown into a big market within a few years. New generation players have developed with their own language and unique problems.

They offer solutions to problems by e-mail and live support, By creating solutions via email and live chat, they assist users with account issues such as compromised accounts, updates, refunds, and purchasing issues. They also deal with game-related questions and support players when they run into technical issues.

Back Office Support

Building a successful brand requires a long and hard working, but some processes take a lot of time, but it does not stand out.

Champs's steady and detail-oriented support experts; they stand out for their thoroughness and speed with the use of the keyboard. They save costs with their support in data entry and back office works.

Customer Acquisition

Champs Customer Acquisition specialists are perfect for the job, with their passion, determination, courtesy and professionalism!

They reach potential B2B customers by responding to incoming requests or establishing sales-oriented communication, and provides the best service with a secure communication environment.

Brand Ambasssador (General)

Other opportunities did not seem suitable for you? No problem! Make a general application.

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